The Queen of All Cakes

I’m not a big cake person but I just LOVE wedding cakes. They are so much more than just flour, sugar and butter (and whatever else goes into making a cake…I’m SO baking challenged). Well, here, I’ll tell you about the Queen of All Cakes.

They are the Queen of all cakes! They are regal towers of joy, fun, and hope. So grand are their stature that it takes several people just to carry them, like Egyptian royalty, into a room. And then they are placed in the center of one of the most precious (well, hopefully, one of the most precious…) days of our lives.

All the guests “ohhh” and “ahhh” over them and don’t dare leave the celebration until they are ceremoniously cut, shared and devoured. The cutting ritual is one of the highlights of the event with the guests forming a tight love circle around the cake as the couple jointly brings up the chosen first piece.

Lights flash all around as the wedding paparazzi try to get the perfect shot. Once the first piece has been shared between the two stars, the rest of the cake is cut for the crowd but not before the crown is carefully whisked away where it is lovingly preserved for one year until the couple can again celebrate and taste its sweetness and, check if it’s worth the money!

You can tell a lot about a couple (or the bride to be more precise) from a wedding cake. Is she sweet and understated like a simple white buttercream cake or is she decadent and larger than life like a six-tiered chocolate cake with ten thousand red roses (OK, maybe not TEN thousand, but you get what I’m saying).

What I love is that both extremes and everything in between are GREAT! It’s a cake for goodness sake…how can it be anything but fun!

All hail the Queen.
Christy Casimiro’s Wedding Cake!

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